Valentines Day Statistics
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Source: Retail Advertising and Marketing Associatio, Valentine's Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey
Research Date: January 28th, 2015

The fact is you better get your girl flowers on Valentines day.

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Valentine’s Day StatisticsData
Average annual Valentine’s Day spending$13.19 Billion
Number of Valentine’s Day cards exchanged annually180 Million
Average number of roses produced for Valentine’s Day196 million
Percent of Valentine’s Day cards bought by women85%
Percent of flowers bought by men73%
Percent of women who send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day14%
Amount the average consumer spends on Valentine’s Day$116.21
Percent of consumers who celebrate Valentine’s Day61.8 %
Percent of women who would end their relationship if they didn’t get something for Valentines day.53 %
Average number of children conceived on Valentine’s day11,000
Gifts Most Often Given on Valentines Day (Allowing for multiple gifts given) 
Candy47.5 %
Flowers34.3 %
Cards52.1 %
Jewelry17.3 %
Dining / Eating Out34.6 %
Clothing14.4 %
Gift Cards12.6 %
Other Gifts11.2 %
Valentine Related Business Statistics 
Number of locations producing chocolate and cocoa products1,233
Number of people employed by the these establishments38,794
Revenue of domestically cut flowers$403 Million
Number of florists nationwide24,600
Number of people employed by florists123,600
Number of jewelry stores in the U.S.27,484
Annual revenue from jewelry stores$2.2 Billion
Relationship Statistics 
Ratio of single men in their 20’s to single women in their 20’s1.2 to 1
Ratio of sinlgle men 65 or older to single women 65 or older0.33 to 1
Number of dating service establishments nationwide904
Average number of marriages annually2.16 million

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