U.S. National Debt Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: U.S. Treasury
Research Date: April 12th, 2015

Questions: Statistics on the us national debt ? What is the U.S. national debt at? historic U.S. national debt amount ? total current national debt U.S. debt cost per taxpayer?

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US National Debt StatisticsNational DebtDebt Per Taxpayer
2015 (April)$18,205,000,000,000$154,181
2010$13.6 Trillion$121,000
2005$9 Trillion$78,000
2000$5.6 Trillion$53,000
1995$5 Trillion$48,000
1990$3.2 Trillion$32,000
1985$1.9 Trillion$19,000
1980$900 Billion$9,183
1975$600 Billion$6,060
1970$400 Billion$4,123

The national debt of the United States (also referred to as the public debt or government debt) is the amount owed by the federal government of the United States.

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