Uninsured Motorist Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: Insurance Research Council, California Department of Insurance
Date Verified: 4.28.2013
Uninsured Motorist StatisticsData
Percent of car accidents caused by uninsured motorists14 %
Percent of drivers who are uninsured16.1 %
Total revenue collected from uninsured motorist tickets$860.5 Million
Percent of vehicles 15 years or older that are uninsured40 %
States with the Highest Percent of Uninsured Motorists 
Mississippi26 %
Alabama25 %
California25 %
New Mexico24 %
Arizona22 %
Tennessee21 %
States with the Lowest Percent of Uninsured Motorists 
Vermont6 %
Massachusetts6 %
New York7 %
Nebraska8 %
North Carolina8 %
Reasons Cited for Not Having Insurance 
Vehicle not in operating condition24 %
Can’t afford to buy insurance21 %
Premiums are too high20 %
Vehicle runs but is not being used17 %
Demographics of Uninsured Motorists (Highest Group Percentage Listed) 
Male62 %
High school or less45 %
Age 18 – 2422 %
Hispanic or Black35 %
Renter48 %
Income less than $20,00032 %

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