undocumented students

Undocumented Student Statistics

Undocumented Student Statistics Data
Number of undocumented youth under age 18 living in the US 1.8 million
Number of undocumented students that graduate from US high schools each year 65,000
Percent of undocumented graduates that live in California 40 %
Percent of undocumented high school graduates that go on to college 7.5 %
Percent of undocumented students who live below the federal poverty line 40 %
Undocumented Student Enrollment in California Colleges Percent of Enrolled
Universities of California 0.18 %
California State Universities 0.83 %
Community Colleges 1.17 %
Dream Act Public Opinion Percent
The DREAM Act would extend conditional legal status to undocumented youth who meet the following criteria:
– Entered the United States before age 16
– Have been continuously present in the United States for at least five years prior to the legislation’s enactment
– Have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent (i.e., a General Education Development diploma or GED)
– Are less than 35 years of age.
Percent who strongly favor the dream act 51 %
Percent who not so strongly favor 18 %
Percent who not so stronngly oppose 6 %
Percent who strongly oppose 19 %
Statistic & Data References
Sources: Immigration Policy Center, College Board Advocacy
Date research was conducted: September 3rd, 2015