U.S. Households That Don’t Pay Income Tax

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Source: Tax Policy Center
Date Verified: 4.19.2013
A personal or individual income tax is levied as a percentage of a person’s wages and salaries, with some deductions permitted, along with the net income or loss from businesses and investments. In the United States, a tax is imposed on income by the federal, most states, and many local governments. Taxpayers who fail to file returns, file late, or file returns that are wrong, may be subject to penalties. These penalties vary based on the type of failure.
Percent of Americans with no tax liability
Percent of U.S. households that don’t pay any income tax 47 %
Percent of U.S. households that will get tax refunds 20 %
Income Group Total Number With No Liability % Of Income Group
Under $50,000 63,500,000 69.5%
$50k – $100k 5,700,000 16.5%
$100k – $500k 736,000 3.2%
$500k – $1M 17,000 2.0%
Over $1M 6,000 1.5%
Total 71,000,000

what percent of americans don’t pay income taxes ? how many americans don’t pay their income taxes liability ? what percent of people don’t pay taxes ?

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Date research was conducted: August 29, 2016

U.S. Households That Don’t Pay Income Tax

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