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E-Commerce / Online Sales Statistics

YearU.S. Online Sales (Combined)Sales Made Via Mobile Device
2017 Projected$440,400,000,000$114,500,000,000
2016 Projected$392,000,000,000$98,120,000,000
2015 Projected$347,000,000,000$76,410,000,000
YearGlobal Online Sales
Top Consumer Reasons For Shopping OnlinePercent of Survey Citing Reason
Time Saving73 %
More Variety67 %
Easy to Compare Prices59 %
No Crowd58 %
Lower Prices55 %
Spend Less on Gas40 %
Less Taxes30 %
Other3 %
Online Shopping StatisticsPercent
Percent of online user who have made an internet purchase87 %
Percent of online user who have made a purchase multiple times59 %
Percent of retail sales that are made online9 %

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Statistic Verification
Source: U.S. Commerce Department, Forrester Research, Internet Retailer, ComScore, Inc.
Research Date: October 9th, 2014

Most brick-and-mortar retailers are scrambling to get a piece of the online market. Every year more and more people become accustomed to the idea of making a purchase online. This really drives home how important an e-commerce business website is for anyone selling a product or service. Shopping is one more thing the internet has changed forever.