Top Selling Energy Drinks & Energy Shots
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Source: BevNet, Global Beverage Industry, Forbes
Research Date: September 6th, 2014

It's no surprise that Red Bull dominates the energy drink market, while 5 Hour Energy has a clear hold on the energy shot category. Sales for all companies have increased year after year.

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Energy Drink SalesSales 2011Sales 2012Sales 2013
Red Bull$2.3 billion$2.95 billion$6.927 billion
Monster$1.9 billion$2.6 billion$3.147 billion
Rockstar$660 million$780 million$821 million
NOS$220 million$250 million$274 million
AMP$330 million$300 million$239 million
Full Throttle$130 million$140 million$104 million
Xyience Xenergy$30 million$40 million$43 million
Energy Shot SalesSales 2011Sales 20122013 Sales
5 Hour Energy$896 million$996 million$1.114 billion
Stacker 2 : 6 Hour Power$22 million$30 million$47 million
Private Label  $17.824 million
Worx Energy Shot  $7 million
Tweaker  $5 million
Street King  $4.9 million
E6 Energy Shot  $3.9 million
Rip It Energy Shot  $3.2 million

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