Top 20 Best / Worst Paid College Majors

  Best Paid Undergratuate Majors Median Salary
1 Petroleum Engineering $120,000
2 Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration $105,000
3 Mathematics and Computer Sciences $98,000
4 Aerospace Engineering $87,000
5 Chemical Engineering $86,000
6 Electrical Engineering $85,000
7 Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering $82,000
8 Mechanical Engineering $80,000
9 Metallurgical Engineering $80,000
10 Mining and Mineral Engineering $80,000
  Worst Paid Undergratuate Majors  
1 Counseling and Psychology $29,000
2 Early Childhood Education $36,000
3 Theology and Religious Vocations $38,000
4 Human Services and Community Organizations $38,000
5 Social Work $39,000
6 Drama and Theater Arts $40,000
7 Studio Art $40,000
8 Communication-Disorders Sciences and Services $40,000
9 Visual and Performing Arts $40,000
10 Health and Medical Preparatory Programs $40,000

While most people would agree you should do what you love, here are the top paying college majors. So if what you love more than work is making a lot of money working then this list should help you out a bit. Keep in mind, if you hate your job there's no amount of money that can bring you happiness. If you already have one the degrees listed below and you're earning less than the average it may be time to ask your boss for a raise!

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Source: Georgetown University
Research Date: April 7th, 2015

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