The Simpsons Total Franchise Revenue

The Simpsons Franchise Revenue Statistics  
Advertising revenue from The Simpsons primetime airings $5,760,000,000
The Simpsons Movie Ticket Sales $527,000,000
The Simpsons Movie DVD / Digital Sales $96,400,000
The Simpsons DVD / Digital Sales $994,250,000
The Simpsons Merchandise & Toy Sales $4,725,000,000
The Simpsons TV syndication revenue $1,150,000,000
Total Simpsons Franchise Revenue $13,015,000,000
The Simpsons Statistics  
Total number of Simpsons Television seasons 26
Total DVD units sold of The Simpsons Movie 5,698,883
Total DVD units sold of The Simpsons television seasons 19,250,000
Total number of Primetime Emmy’s won by the Simpsons 27
Amount each main voice actor receives per episode $400,000
Number of companies that have licensed the use of The Simpsons characters 500
Number of states that have a city named Springfield 22
Average amount of viewers during first season 13.4 million
Total number of Simpsons episodes 574
Cost to convert 11 of 7-Eleven’s stores into Kwik-E-Marts $10 million
Statistic & Data References
Sources: 20th Century Fox, IMDb,  Encyclopedia of Television
Date research was conducted: May 20th, 2016