U.S. Cities Ranked by Air Pollution
Statistic Verification
Source: World Health Organization
Research Date: 10.15.2012
PM10 represents particles in the air that we consider pollution. These particles might be smoke, dirt, mold, pollen etc. PM10 are the larger course particles that are kicked up into the air and spread around causing severe health effects. PM2.5 represents fine particles such as toxic compounds and heavy metals caused by fires and metal smelting. Below is a list of where each country ranks by PM10 measured in the air.
US Cities Ranked by Air Pollution
RankMetropolitan Statistical AreaAverage Annual Mean PM-10 Concentration (ug/m³)
1Visalia, CA60.4
2Bakersfield, CA54.8
3Fresno, CA51.7
4Riverside, CA48.1
5Stockton, CA44.8
6Los Angeles, CA43.8
7Phoenix, AZ39.5
8Spokane, WA38.7
9Reno, NV38.5
10Las Vegas, NV38.3
11Anaheim, CA38.1
12Medford, OR37.9
13St. Joseph, MO37.6
14Yuba City, CA37.4
15Steubenville, OH36.6
16Provo, UT36.5
17Cleveland, OH35.6
18Omaha, NE35.5
19Atlanta, GA35.1
20Chattanooga, TN34.9
21Paterson, NJ34.8
22San Diego, CA34.8
23Boise City, ID34.0
24Chicago, IL33.7
25Roanoke, VA33.7
26Philadelphia, PA33.5
27Detroit, MI33.2
28Salt Lake City, UT33.2
29Yakima, WA33.1
30Chico, CA33.1
31Decatur, IL33.0
32Waterloo, IA33.0
33San Jose, CA32.8
34Knoxville, TN32.6
35Nashville, TN32.4
36Atlantic City, NJ32.4
37Laredo, TX32.4
38Houston, TX31.9
39Sacramento, CA31.9
40St. Louis, MO31.8
41Las Cruces, NM31.7
42Gadsden, AL31.7
43Mobile, AL31.4
44Newark, NJ31.4
45Providence, RI31.4
46Huntington, WV31.4
47Hamilton, OH31.3
48Pittsburgh, PA31.0
49Lancaster, PA31.0
50Indianapolis, IN31.0

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