The Beatles Album Sales Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: RIAA, Apple Records, EMI
Research Date: 2.19.2014
Let’s not kid ourselves, the Beatles were the biggest band on the planet, period. If you disagree just let the stats below do the talking. Over 2 billion albums sold! Come on! How many people have sold 2 billion of anything let alone recorded music? Their recording studio may as well have been a money printing mint.
The Beatles Total Album Sales StatisticsData
Total Albums Sold2,303,500,000
Total Albums Sold on iTunes585,000
Total Singles Sold on iTunes2.8 Million
Sales By Available Markets 
United States209.1 Million
Canada13.6 Million
United Kingdom7.5 Million
Germany7.3 Million
France3.1 Million
Australia2.8 Million
Japan1.9 Million
Argentina1.6 Million
Beatles Billboard Chart Statistics 
Total weeks on chart1,278 weeks
Total number ones15
Total weeks at number one175 weeks
Album with longest time spent at number one ("Please Please Me")30 weeks

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