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Technology & Computers in Classroom Statistics

Technology in the Classroom Statistics Data
Percent of schools that have one computer per student 3.9 %
Percent of schools that have a wireless network 54.2 %
Percent of schools that have distant learning available 19.1 %
Percent of schools that have laptops available 59.7 %
Percent of schools that have high speed internet 84.3 %
Percent of schools that have video streaming 43.4 %
Percent of schools that have one or more computers in the classroom 98 %
Percent of teachers that use the internet for instruction 77 %
Percent of schools that lend laptops to students 12 %
Percent of teachers who reported students used computers during instructional time in the classroom 40 %
Statistics Supporting Technology in the Classroom Data
Percent of high school seniors who said tablets help students study more efficiently 64 %
One year increase in Math scores by students using iPads 20 %
Percent of teachers who think tablets can enrich classroom learning 81 %
Increase in test scores by students who played the game "Motion Math" at least 20 minutes a day 15 %
Percent of Schools with a Website Percent
High-Poverty Schools 72 %
High-Minority Schools 80 %
All Schools 88 %
Teachers Who Often Used the Following Technology for Instruction Percent Used
LCD or DLP projectors 72 %
Intereactive whiteboards 57 %
Digital cameras 49 %
Statistic Verification
Source: Project America, Market Data Retrieval, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Open Colleges
Research Date: March 3rd, 2015

Here are some statistics that show the effects of technology in the classroom. Most teachers whole heartedly agree that the use of computers has improved and enriched the classroom learning experience. So what percent of schools are using computers and iPads in the classroom for teaching?