Tax Filing Statistics
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Research Date: February 1st, 2015

Ever wonder what percent of the population actually file their taxes? Or how many non-profit organizations are tax exempt? In 2014, $1.2 trillion dollars in taxes were paid by individuals while only $285 billion was paid by corporations.

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Tax Return Statistics
Type of ReturnNumber of ReturnsGross Collections
Individual Income Tax147,103,375$1,275,422,000,000
Corporate Income Tax2,479,785$285,482,000,000
Employment Taxes30,533,289$958,164,000,000
Excise Taxes809,461$46,632,000,000
Gift Tax245,262$3,094,000,000
Estate Tax47,320$21,583,000,000
Corporate ReturnsData
Number of corporate filings with assets of $250 Million or more14,752
Percent of total corporate net income for firms with $250 Million +75.4 %
Number of partnership returns3,146,006
Individual Tax Returns 
Number of tax returns with an Adjusted Gross Income of $1 Million or more323,067
State with the highest number of AGI’s above $1 Million – California44,027
State with the lowest number of AGI’s above $1 Million – Vermont389
Median Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)$33,048
Top 1% AGI$380,354
Top 10% AGI$113,799
Bottom 10% AGI$5,942
Percent that claim standard deductions64.4 %
Percent that claim itemized deductions33.8 %
Percent that e-filed75.7 %
Percent using paid prepares57.7 %
Total amount of individual refunds$324.1 Billion
Average individual refund amount$2,902
Nonprofit Organizations 
Number of nonprofit returns383,064
Assets controlled by nonprofit’s$3.796 Trillion

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