Tallest Broadcast Towers in the World

1Tokyo Skytree634 m (2,080 ft)2012Steel JapanTokyo
2Canton Tower600 m (2,000 ft)2010Steel and ConcreteChinaGuangzhou
3CN Tower553.3 m (1,815 ft)1976ConcreteCanadaToronto
4Ostankino Tower540.1 m (1,772 ft)1967ConcreteRussiaMoscow
5Oriental Pearl Tower468 m (1,535 ft)1994ConcreteChinaShanghai
6Milad Tower435 m (1,427 ft)2007ConcreteIranTehran
7KL Tower421 m (1,381 ft)1994ConcreteMalaysiaKuala Lumpur
8Tianjin Radio and Television Tower415.2 m (1,362 ft)1991ConcreteChinaTianjin
9Central Radio and TV Tower405 m (1,329 ft)1992ConcreteChinaBeijing
10Zhongyuan Tower388 m (1,273 ft)2011SteelChinaZhengzhou
11Kiev TV Tower385 m (1,263 ft)1973LatticeUkraineKiev
12Tashkent Tower374.9 m (1,230 ft)1985SteelUzbekistanTashkent
13Liberation Tower372 m (1,220 ft)1996ConcreteKuwaitKuwait City
14Almaty Tower371.5 m (1,219 ft)1983SteelKazakhstanAlmaty
15Riga Radio and TV Tower368.5 m (1,209 ft)1986SteelLatviaRiga
16Berliner Fernsehturm368 m (1,207 ft)1969ConcreteGermanyBerlin
17Stratosphere Tower350.2 m (1,149 ft)1996ConcreteUnited StatesLas Vegas
18West Pearl Tower339 m (1,112 ft)2004ConcreteChinaChengdu
19Macau Tower338 m (1,109 ft)2001ConcreteMacauMacau
20Europaturm337.5 m (1,107 ft)1979ConcreteGermanyFrankfurt
21Dragon Tower336 m (1,102 ft)2000LatticeChinaHarbin
22Tokyo Tower332.6 m (1,091 ft)1958LatticeJapanTokyo
23Emley Moor TV Tower330.4 m (1,084 ft)1970ConcreteUnited KingdomHuddersfield
24WITI TV Tower329 m (1,079 ft)1962LatticeUnited StatesShorewood
25Sky Tower328 m (1,076 ft)1997ConcreteNew ZealandAuckland
26Vilnius TV Tower327 m (1,073 ft)1980ConcreteLithuaniaVilnius
27Eiffel Tower324 m (1,063 ft)1889LatticeFranceParis
28WHDH-TV Tower323.8 m (1,062 ft)1994LatticeUnited StatesNewton
29Rameswaram TV Tower323 m (1,060 ft)1995ConcreteIndiaRameswaram
30Jiangsu Nanjing TV Tower318.5 m (1,045 ft)1996ConcreteChinaNanjing
31KCTV-Tower317.6 m (1,042 ft)1956LatticeUnited StatesKansas City
32Atlanta Turner Broadcasting Tower314.3 m (1,031 ft)1980LatticeUnited StatesAtlanta
33Tallinn TV Tower314 m (1,030 ft)1980ConcreteEstoniaTallinn
34TV Tower Yerevan311.7 m (1,023 ft)1977LatticeArmeniaYerevan
35St. Petersburg TV Tower310 m (1,020 ft)1962LatticeRussiaSt. Petersburg
36Azeri TV Tower310 m (1,020 ft)1996ConcreteAzerbaijanBaku
37Sydney Tower309 m (1,014 ft)1981ConcreteAustraliaSydney
38Liaoning Broadcast and TV Tower305.5 m (1,002 ft)1989ConcreteChinaShenyang
39Fazilka TV Tower304.8 m (1,000 ft)2007LatticeIndiaFazilka
40Mumbai Television Tower300 m (984 ft)LatticeIndiaMumbai
41Jaisalmer TV Tower300 m (984 ft)1993ConcreteIndiaJaisalmer
42Samatra TV Tower300 m (984 ft)1999ConcreteIndiaBhuj
43Amritsar TV Tower300 m (984 ft)2003ConcreteIndiaAmritsar
44BRTN Toren300 m (984 ft)1996ConcreteBelgiumSint-Pieters-Leeuw
45Sutro Tower295 m (968 ft)1973SteelUnited StatesSan Francisco
46Torre 238 do Linhão de Tucuruí295 m (968 ft)2012SteelBrazilPorto de Moz
47Torre 241 do Linhão de Tucuruí295 m (968 ft)2012SteelBrazilAlmeirim
48Zhuzhou Television Tower293 m (961 ft)1999ConcreteChinaZhuzhou
49Fernmeldeturm Nürnberg292 m (958 ft)1977ConcreteGermanyNuremberg
50Star Tower291 m (955 ft)1991LatticeUnited StatesCincinnati
Statistic Sources & References
Sources: Guinness World Records
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: April 2, 2017

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