Wells Fargo Bank Company Statistics

Update : Wells Fargo Fraudulent Account Data
Wells Fargo Fake Account Fraud Reporting Data
Total number of secret, unauthorized deposit accounts opened by Wells Fargo employees 1,534,280
Total customer fees accrued by the fake deposit accounts $2,000,000
Total number of fraudulent credit card applications accounts submitted by Wells Fargo employees 565,443
Total customer fees accrued by the fake credit card accounts $403,145
Total amount refunded to Wells Fargo customers effected by the fraud $2,600,000
Number of Wells Fargo employees fired for their involvement in the fraudulent account creation 5,300
Amount Wells Fargo was fined for the fraudulent activity $185,000,000
Amount of money forfeited by CEO John Stumpf due to the scandal $41,000,000
Amount of money forfeited by Carrie Tolstedt, head of Community Baning due to the scandal ( Tolstedt also resigned from Wells Fargo ) $19,000,000
Wells Fargo Bank Financial Information Data
Wells Fargo annual revenue $86,057,000,000
Wells Fargo annual profit $22,894,000,000
Total assets of Wells Fargo and Company $1,849,000,000,000
Total taxes paid by Wells Fargo annually $10,000,000,000
Percent of Wells Fargo net profit going to taxes 45 %
Percent of Wells Fargo revenue generated from interest 53 %
Total Wells Fargo revenue from customer overdraft fees $1,900,000,000
Wells Fargo Bank Numbers Number
Total number of Wells Fargo Bank Branches 8,700
Total number of Wells Fargo ATM machines 13,000
Number of States with Wells Fargo Branch 40
Number of countries Wells Fargo operates inside of 35
Number of Wells Fargo customers globally 70,000,000
Total number of Corporate and Finance Offices 4,100
Wells Fargo Stock Investment Analysis Data
Wells Fargo Current Stock Price $45.23
Wells Fargo Average 3-Year Stock Price $52.36
Wells Fargo average quarterly dividend per share (3-Year Average) $0.368
Highest Wells Fargo quarterly dividend payment - 9.01.2016 $0.38
Wells Fargo most recent stock split on 8.11.2006 2 for 1
Wells Fargo Employee Statistics Data
Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf annual compensation $19,300,000
Total number of Wells Fargo employees 265,200
Average salary of a Wells Fargo Bank Teller $25,404
Average salary of a Wells Fargo Branch Manager $63,931
Average salary of a Wells Fargo Personal Banker $36,865
Wells Fargo Owners Percent Ownership
Berkshire Hathaway 9.93 %
Vanguard Group 5.39 %
State Street 3.82 %
Wells Fargo Bank Rankings Rank
Fortune 500 Rank 27
Total deposits 3rd
Biggest Company by Revenue in the U.S 27th
Biggest Public Company in the World 7th
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Statistic Sources & References
Sources: Wells Fargo, Hoovers
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: September 28, 2016

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