apple computer company sales statistics

Apple Computer Company Statistics

Apple Products SoldTotal Units Sold
Apple Watch11,650,000
Apple TV26,000,000
Macintosh Computers (Both Desktop and Laptop)317,000,000
Total number of Apple Stores463
iTunes songs downloaded17,500,000,000
Total number of iPhone App Store downloads37,250,000,000
Total number of apps available on the App Store1,285,000
Select Legacy Computer System Sales 
Macintosh (original)1,000,000
Apple III65,000
Apple II2,000,000
Apple I (1984)175,000
Lisa (1983)100,000
Total Annual RevenueRevenue
2014 Revenue$182,800,000,000
2013 Revenue$170,910,000,000
2011 Revenue$108,249,000,000
2010 Revenue$65,225,000,000
2009 Revenue$42,905,000,000
Total Financial Assets (Cash, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Property)Value
2015 Total$290,400,000,000
2013 Total$207,000,000,000
2011 Total$116,371,000,000
2010 Total$75,183,000,000
2009 Total$47,501,000,000
Regular EmployeesNumber
Historic Stock PricesPrice / Share
High – May 22, 2015$132.54
Low – July 9, 1982$0.82
Apple Company Acquisitions
DateCompanyBusinessPurchase PriceDerived products
*This is a select list of notable Apple acquisitions
June 27, 1988StylewareComputer softwareAppleWorksGS
July 11, 1988Nashoba SystemsComputer softwareFileMaker
February 7, 1997NeXTComputer programming services$404,000,000OS X, iOS
September 2, 1997Power Computing CorpClone computers$110,000,000
January 8, 1999Xemplar EducationSoftware$4,926,000
November 3, 1999Raycer GraphicsComputer graphic chips$15,000,000
April 11, 2000Astarte-DVD AuthoringDVD SoftwareDVD Studio Pro
2000SoundJam MPSoftwareiTunes
2001Bluefish LabsProductivity softwareiWork
July 9, 2001Spruce TechnologiesGraphics software$14,900,000DVD Studio Pro
December 31, 2001PowerSchoolOnline info systems services$66,100,000PowerSchool
February 1, 2002Nothing RealSpecial effects software$15,000,000Shake
April 4, 2002ZayanteFireWire chips and software$13,000,000FireWire
June 11, 2002Silicon Grail Corp-ChaliceDigital effects software$20,000,000Final Cut Pro
June 21, 2002Prismo GraphicsTitling software for film$20,000,000LiveType(Final Cut Studio)
July 1, 2002EmagicMusic production software$30,000,000Logic Pro, GarageBand
March 2005SchemasoftSoftwareiWork
April 2005FingerWorksGesture recognitioniOS
October 16, 2006Silicon ColorSoftwareColor (Final Cut Studio)
December 4, 2006ProximitySoftwareFinal Cut Server
April 24, 2008P.A. SemiSemiconductors$278,000,000Apple SOC
July 7, 2009PlacebaseMapsMaps
December 6, 2009Lala.comMusic streaming$17,000,000iCloud, iTunes Match
January 5, 2010Quattro WirelessMobile advertising$275,000,000iAd
April 27, 2010IntrinsitySemiconductors$121,000,000Apple SOC
April 27, 2010SiriVoice Control SoftwareSiri
July 14, 2010Poly9Web-based mappingMaps
September 20, 2010Polar RoseFace-Recognition$29,000,000iOS
September 14, 2010IMSenseHDR PhotographyiOS
August 1, 2011C3 Technologies3D Mapping$267,000,000Maps
December 20, 2011AnobitFlash Memory$390,000,000iPod, iPhone, iPad
February 23, 2012ChompApp search engine$50,000,000App Store
June 2, 2012RedmaticaAudioLogic Pro
July 27, 2012AuthenTecPC and Mobile security$356,000,000Touch ID
September 27, 2012ParticleHTML5 web app firmiCloud, iAd
2013Novauris TechnologiesSpeech recognitionSiri
March 23, 2013WiFiSlamIndoor location$20,000,000Maps
July 19, 2013LocationaryMapsMaps
July 19, 2013HopStop.comMapsMaps
August 22, 2013EmbarkMapsMaps
August 28, 2013AlgoTrimData Compression
October 3, 2013CuePersonal assistant$50,000,000
November 24, 2013PrimeSenseSemiconductors$345,000,000
December 2, 2013TopsyAnalytics$200,000,000
December 23, 2013BroadMapMapsMaps
January 4, 2014SnappyLabsPhotography SoftwareCamera
May 28, 2014Beats Electronics (By Dre.Headphones$3,000,000,000iPhone, iTunes
June 6, 2014SpotsetterSocial search engineMaps
April 4, 2015SpotifyMusic Streaming Service$14,000,000,000iTunes
Statistic Sources & References
Sources: Apple Inc.
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: August 17, 2017

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