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Abstinence Statistics

Abstinence Statistics Data
Percent of Americans who wait until marriage to have sex 3 %
Percent of Americans who waited until marriage to have sex in 1950 11 %
Percent of Americans in highly religious groups who wait until marriage to have sex 20 %
Percent of abstainers who are women 60 %
Percent of high school students who are virgins 54 %
Percent of teens who agree that sexual activity for high school-age teens is not acceptable 58 %
Percent of teens who desire to have one partner for life 82 %
Percent of girls who have had sexual intercourse but said they wish they had waited 80 %
Percent of teens who don’t think its embarrasing to admit being a virgin 87 %
Teen abortion per 100,000 girls (< 20 years old) in states rejecting abstinence funding 65.5
Teen abortion per 100,000 girls (< 20 years old) in states accepting abstinence funding 44.2
Top Reasons Given for Choosing Abstinence Percent (Multiple Answeres)
Uphold religious or moral values 42 %
Don’t want to get pregnant 38 %
Waiting for that one special person 34 %
Fear of getting a sexually transmitted disease 33 %
Focusing on education or career 23 %
Save yourself from emotional regret, fear, anger, betrayal 18 %
Don’t want to disappoint parents 11 %
Maintain your reputation 9 %
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Sources: Waitingtillmarriage.org, AdvocatesForYouth.org, Abstinenceworks.org
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: August 3, 2016

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