India Leather Industry Statistics

India Leather Industry Statistics Data
Pairs of leather shoes the Indian leather industry can produce annually 960 million pairs
Annual revenue generated from the Indian leather footwear industry $300,000,000
Pairs of leather shoes produced in India each year 700 million
India’s share of the global leather trade market 3 %
Number of people employed by the Indian leather industry 2.5 million
Footwear share of Indian leather exports 10 %
Top Ten Indian Leather Exporters Share of India Leather Industry
Tata International Ltd 12.4 %
Florind Shoes Ltd 9.5 %
Punihani International 7.2 %
Farida Shoes Ltd 6.4 %
Mirza Tanners Ltd 6.3 %
T Abdul Wahid & Company 6 %
Hindustan Lever Ltd 5.8 %
Super House Leather Ltd 5.7 %
RSL Industries Ltd 4.6 %
Presidency Kid Leather Ltd 4 %
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Statistic Sources & References
Sources: Indian Mirror
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: September 5, 2016

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