Multiple Sclerosis Statistics

Multiple Sclerosis Statistics Data
Total number of people worldwide with multiple sclerosis 2.5 million
Number of people in the US with multiple sclerosis 400,000
Average age of clinical onset 30-33
Average age of diagnosis 37
Percent of cases diagnosed after the age of 50 10 %
Percent of patients who survive 20+ years after onset 80 %
Average lifetime cost of treatment $1.2 million
US prevalence above the 37th parallel 125 / 100,000
US prevalence below the 37th parallel 65 / 100,000
Ratio of multiple sclerosis in women and men 1 women to 7 men
Stage of Diagnosis Percent Diagnosed
Percent diagnosed in the first stage 85 %
Percent diagnosed in the second stage 10 %
Percent diagnosed in the last stage 5 %
Countries with the most deaths from multiple sclerosis Deaths
United States 2,844
Germany 917
Poland 457
Canada 415
Brazil 282
Netherlands 197
Spain 177
Mexico 153
Statistic Sources & References
Sources: Public Health Department
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: October 24, 2016

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