Poulon pro broken mower

Poulan Pro Dumps 250,000 Broken Lawn Mowers on Unsuspecting Customers


You Decide Who’s In The Wrong…

Swedish owned Poulan, a manufacturer of lawn mowers, weed eaters, and other gardening products has shut off their customer service lines. We have been unable to reach anyone at Poulan for questions.

We shot off emails to various random names at Paulon and were able to reach an inside source at Poulan Pro. The source asked to remain anonymous but stated the company knowingly shipped the mowers in an attempt to dump the large shipment of faulty product on US customers. “Our executives are betting on the customers feeling they have no choice but to eat the cost of the cheap $199 mower. A price they believe is too low for anyone to take legal action.” The source said.

We attempted to call the Poulan service number ( 1.800.849.1297 ) and ( 704-597-5000 ) but after a total of over 75 calls in 3 hours nobody picked up the phone. We even tried to reach someone on their Facebook page but all messages are blocked from being posted to their page. Finally our call was picked up and we were told to call 1-800-245-5468 (who knows what this number is for or why it wasn’t on their site).

We finally reached a customer service representative, who stated they have no knowledge of the bad product but that they are experiencing “extremely high call volume”. The first person we spoke with said they were having known issues on a shipment of mowers roughly 250,000 units in size. We probed for more information but we were finally passed over to a manager.

Here is a brief segment of the conversation in which we were told WE had to pay for the servicing of the mower out of our own pocket. Then we will POSSIBLY get a refund for the service only IF they find it a manufacturing issue.

We were finally told that because Poulan doesn’t manufacture the actual mower engine they are not responsible for issues with them. So we had to then find a servicer to service the engine. The service shop found a massive amount of debris in the exhaust and charged us $85 (almost half the price of the mower) to remove the debris. We had literally operated the mower ONCE for about 10 minutes but because debris in the exhaust isn’t covered under warranty we were forced to pay it.

Poulan has a US based corporate office located at:

9335 Harris Corners Parkway
Suite 500
Charlotte, NC 28269
United States
Phone: 704-597-5000

We are going to try to send a letter and see what happens.

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Still no response from Poulan.
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Date research was conducted: April 1, 2017

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