Swimwear Industry Statistics

Swimwear Industry Statistics Data
Global annual swimwear industry revenue $13.25 billion
Annual US spending on women’s two-piece bathing suits $8 billion
Average price for a woman’s bathing suit $24.26
Average price for a men’s bathing suit $15.62
Number of bathing suits owned by the average American woman 4
Swimwear Market Share  
Women’s swimwear 70 %
Men’s swimwear 17 %
Girls’ swimwear 10 %
Boys’ 4 %

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Statistic Verification
Source: NPD Group
Research Date: February 3rd, 2015

It might be a surprise that a seasonal item can generate substantial revenue, but that's just what the swimsuit industry has done. Check out these interesting stats on bathing suit sales and the overall strength of the bathing suit industry.