Sushi Industry Statistics
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Source: Sushi Encyclopedia, Asia-Pacific Journal,
Research Date: 6.18.2013
Sushi Restaurant Statistics Number
Number of sushi restaurants outside of Japan (estimate) 16,000
Number of sushi restaurants in Japan (estimate) 45,000
Number of sushi restaurants in the US 3,846
US Sushi Industry Statistics Data
Total annual revenue $2 billion
Annual revenue growth from 2007-2012 -3.4 %
Number of people employed by the sushi industry 20,274
Increase in US sushi consumption from 2000-2005 40 %
Average Nutrition in Standard Nigiri Sushi Roll Nutrition
Calories 350 calories
Protein 10 gram
Carbohydrates 40 grams
Unsaturated fat 3 grams
Sodium 0.5 grams

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