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Surfing Statistics

Surfing Statistics Data
Estimate population of American surfers (surf at least once a year) 1,736,000
Estimate number of surfers worldwide 23 million
Longest amount of time spent surfing one wave 37 minutes
Average weight of the original design for a surfboard 100 pounds
Most money made by a surfer in a single year – Kelly Slater, 2009 $3 million
Height of the biggest wave ever recorded 1740 ft.
Record number of people surfing tandem on a single board 47
Record number of people to surf the same wave simultaneously 103
Average cost for a bar of surf wax $1.50
Surfing Industry Revenue Statistics Data
Annual Surfing industry revenue $7.29 billion
Annual hard good sales (surfboards, skateboards, and accessories) $1.56 billion
Annual surfing Wetsuit sales $119.4 million
Annual surf Footwear sales $1.6 billion
Stand up Paddleboard (SUP) annual sales $18.5 million
Statistic & Data References
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Date research was conducted: January 25th, 2016