Student Loan Debt Statistics
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Source: Federal Reserve Board, Chronicle of Higher Education, College Board
Research Date: July 1st, 2015

Questions: What is the total amount of student loan debt? What is the average amount of student load debt? What percent of student loans are in default?

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Student Loan Debt StatisticsData
Average student loan debt$30,000
Percent of college students who borrow annually to help cover costs60 %
Average number of college students who borrow annually12,250,000
Approximate number of student loan borrowers with outstanding loans today39,500,000
Total amount of outstanding student loan debt in the United States$1,100,000,000,000
Profit generated from student loan debt each year$20,360,000,000
Student Loan Repayment Statistics 
Percent of oustanding borrowers who have at least one past due loan14 %
Approximate amount of past due student loan debt$85,000,000,000
Number of Student Loans by AgeNumber
29 and Under14,000,000
30 – 3910,600,000
40 – 495,700,000
50 – 594,600,000
60 +2,200,000
Student loan breakdown by amount borrowedPercent who borrowed
$28,000 +86 %
$54,000 +10 %
$100,000 +3 %
$200,000 +1 %

Student loan debt is on the rise in the United States along with the number of loan defaults.

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