self checkout use statistics

Self-Checkout Usage Statistics

Self-Checkout Statistics Data
Percent of ages 35 & Younger who have used Self-Checkout 91%
Percent of ages 36 – 50 who have used Self-Checkout 85%
Percent of ages 51 & Older who have used Self-Checkout 82%
Total self-checkout spending per year worldwide $197,000,000,000
Percent increase in theft using self-checkout 20 %
Self-Checkout Number of Stations Number
Number of Self-Checkout stations in the U.S. 122,000
Number of Self-Checkout stations worldwide 468,500
Number of Self-Checkout stations in 14,300
Number of Self-Checkout units shipped globally this year 46,864
Self-Checkout Survey Data
Percent who said "they want self-checkout options when shopping" 66 %
Percent who said "they prefer self-checkout stations to avoid waiting in line" 52 %
Percent surveyed who said they "really like self-checkout" 44 %
Percent who said "they will not use the technology" 9 %
Percent who say "more self-checkout kiosks would improve their shopping experience" 46 %
Reasons for Not Using Self-Checkout Percent
Didn’t know about it 43 %
Interacting with people 17 %
Habit 12 %
Didn’t know how to use it 7 %
Had a question 5 %
Self-Checkout Manufacturer Market Share Percent
NCR 68 %
Wincor Nixdorf 11 %
IBM 11 %
Fujitsu 9 %
Others 1 %

self-checkout usage statistics

Statistic Verification
Source: IBM Corp Study, Global EPOS, MarketingCharts, NCR
Research Date: March 26th, 2015

Self-service checkout, or a Semi Attended Customer Activated Terminal (SACAT) is a station used for customers to pay for products without the need for a human cashier. Questions: What percent of people have used a self-checkout station while shopping? What is the total number of self-checkout stations in the U.S.? How much do people spend per year at self-checkout stations? What is the increase in shoplifting at self-checkout kiosks?