Star Wars The Old Republic Statistics

Statistic Verification
Source: EA, BioWare
Date Verified: 12.17.2013
Stat Data
Number of Star Wars the Old Republic players 1.6 Million
Old Republic Servers 145
Total Download Size 23.4 Gb
Number of Main Assets to Download 37
Which level do you receive your ship 14-16
Production Cost of Star Wars the Old Republic $155 Million
Years in production 5.6 Years
Voice over actors employed 240
Player Stats Data
Average hours played each day 5
Total number of character created 6.9 Million
Total number of light saber carrying characters created 3,100,000
Sith Warriors Created 1,970,000
Jedi Knights Created 850,000
Number of NPC’s killed thus far 12.5 Billion

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