Snowboarding Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: National Ski Areas Association, National Sporting Goods Association, National Ski & Snowboard Retailers Association
Date Verified: 6.20.2012
Snowboarding StatisticsData
Number of US snowboarders in 20106.1 million
Number of US snowboarders in 20004.3 million
Purcent of snowboard equipment market share held by Burton55 %
Percent of snowboarders who also ski20 %
Percent who snowboard 10+ days each year34.4 %
Year snowboarding became an Olympic sport1994
Snowboard Equipment Sales by Type 2011/12Sales
Snowboard Boots$74,154,294
Snowboard Bindings$65,735,938
Snowboard Jackets$104,570,416
Snowboard Pants$70,542,288
Total 2011/12 Sales$437,821,114
Total 2008/09 Sales$453,095,494
Snowboarding DemographicsPercent
Percent of snowboarders ages 7 – 1117.3 %
Percent of snowboarders ages 12 – 2457.7 %
Percent of snowboarders ages 25 – 4425 %
Percent of snowboarders who are female32.8 %
Percent who have a household income of $100,000+44.5 %
Snowboard Injury Statistics 
Number of snowboarder fatalities in the 2009/10 season13 (12 male / 1 female)
Serious injuries (paralysis, serious head, and other serious injuries)23 (16 male, 7 female)

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