Snoring Statistics

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Source: Vancouver Sleep and Breathing Center, Pediatrics, BBC News
Research Date: 7.8.2014
Snoring Statistics Data
Percent of people age 30 and older who snore 30 %
Percent of people age 40 and older who snore 40 %
Percent of women who snore 19 %
Percent of people who say their partner snores 59 %
Percent of children who snore 5.6 %
Percent of people who snore who also experience sleep apnea 28 %
Average decibal level of a snore 38 decibels

statistics on snoring ? what percent of the population snores ? how many people have trouble with snoring ? sleep apnea related to snoring statistics ? how many percent of men suffer from snoring in their sleep at night and wake their partner from loud chronic snoring breathing problems trouble sleeping and cant fall asleep from snoring too much loudly ?

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