Small Business Website Statistics
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Source: E-Marketer, Barlow Researchers, U.S. Census Bureau, Jupiter Research
Research Date: January 12th, 2015

A large percentage of businesses are operating without a website. The figures below clearly show that having an online presence is vital to growth and increases profits.

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Small Business Website StatisticsData
Percent of small businesses with websites in 201453 %
Percent of small businesses with websites in 200945 %
Percent who plan on getting a website for their business13 %
Smart phone users who have purchased an item via m-commerce37 %
Percent of retailers using m-commerce8.8 %
Reasons Given For Not Having a Business Website 
Business currently does not need one41 %
Cost19 %
Lack of time16 %
Other10 %
Too complex9 %
Business will never need one4 %
Not sure1 %
Small Business Website Functions 
General Information80 %
Customer Service45 %
Capture Leads35 %
E-Commerce30 %
Reservations / Appointments15 %
Posting a Blog13 %
The following is a breakdown of the percent of businesses with a website inside of a specific annual revenue range.
Annual Revenue of BusinessPercent With Websites
Annual sales of $100,000 – $499,00045 %
Annual sales of $500,000 – $999,00049 %
Annual sales of $1,000,000 – $2,490,00069 %
Annual sales of $2,500,000 – $4,500,00067 %

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