sex offender statistics

Sex Offender Statistics

Sex Offender Statistics Sex Offender Statistics
Total number of registered sex offenders nationwide in the U.S. 747,408
Total number of sex offenders under supervision of a corrections agencies 265,000
Percent of sex offenders that will commit another sex crime after being released from jail 2.7 %
Percent of sex offenders that will commit a crime (non-sexual) after release from jail 70 %
Percent of sexually molested boys who are molested by someone they knew 93 %
Percent of sexually molested girls who are molested by someone they knew 80 %
Percent of second offenses that occur while living in a supervised community 60 %
Average re-conviction rate for a child molester 20 %
Average re-conviction rate for rapists 19%
Percent of children who are sexually abused that will become sexually abusive later in life 30%
Average annual cost to incarcerate a sex offender $22,000
Percent of sexual assaults that occur between 6:00pm and 12:00am 43%
Average number of years a sex offender serves of an 8 year sentence 3.5 years
States with highest rate of sex offenders Rate / 100,000
Delaware 517
Oregon 473
Vermont 468
Michigan 403
Arkansas 396
Wisconsin 391
Minnesota 316
Florida 311
States with lowest rate of sex offenders Rate / 100,000
Pennsylvania 94
Maryland 136
New Mexico 140
Rhode Island 146
North Carolina 149
Connecticut 152
Washington D.C. 160
New Jersey 164

What classifies someone as a sex offender varies by legal jurisdiction and culture. In the U.S. a person can convicted for prostitution, obscene content in the form of a text message, sex with a minor, child molestation, rape and various other sexual assault convictions.

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Source: NCMEC, Prevent Abuse Now, Criminal Justice Agency
Research Date: September 22nd, 2015

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