School Uniform Statistics

School Uniform StatisticsData
Percent of all public and private schools that have a uniform policy23 %
Annual school uniform sales$1,300,000,000
Average annual cost to parents for school uniforms$249
Cities with the highest use of uniforms in their public schools 
New Orleans95 %
Cleveland85 %
Chicago80 %
Boston65 %
Miami60 %
Cincinnati50 %
The following is a survey of Parents and Teachers regarding the implemented use of school uniforms. The percent represents those who marked "Agree" or "Strongly Agree"
Survey QuestionParentsTeachers
Policy has hindered self expression and creativity34 %5 %
Policy has hindered individual student’s personal liberty36 %0 %
Has promoted a sense of security41 %86 %
Has increased school pride and has created a sense of community42 %80 %
The school uniform has been financially beneficial for my household49 %86 %
Has addressed the peer pressure issue of "fitting in" by wearing specific brands47 %90 %
Has promoted positive student behavior37 %95 %
Policy has minimized disruption and distractions38 %81 %
Has eliminated competition among students36 %52 %
School uniforms have improved the learning environment35 %81 %
The Board should extend the school uniform policy indefinitely42 %81 %
Long Beach, CA implemented uniforms in 1995 and reported the following results
Long Beach Uniform StatisticsData
Overall, the crime rate dropped by91 %
School suspensions dropped by90 %
Sex offenses were reduced by96 %
Incidents of vandalism went down69 %
Assaults in grades K-8 decreased by85 %
Norfolk, VA implemented uniforms in 1995 and reported the following results
Long Beach Uniform StatisticsData
Leaving class without permission dropped by47 %
Throwing objects dropped by68 %
Fighting dropped by38 %

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Statistic Verification
Source: US Department of Education, NCES, ECS, NAESP, University of Florida
Research Date: January 25th, 2015

A school uniform is an outfit—a set of standardized clothes—worn primarily for an educational institution. They are common in primary and secondary schools in various countries. When used, they form the basis of a school's dress code. The stats below although taken from a relatively small sample size are a good indicator that school uniforms do at least improve student behavior. Whether the uniforms make better citizens of society and the workforce is up for debate.