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Resume Falsification Statistics

Resume / Application Falsification Statistics Data
Percent of resumes and job applications that contain falsifications 53 %
Percent of college students surveyed who would lie on a resume to get a job they want 70 %
Percent of job applicants who have a misdemeanor record 3 %
Percent of job applicants who have a felony record 7 %
ADP reported that 46 % of employment, education and/or credential reference checks conducted revealed discrepancies between what the applicant provided and what the source reported
Resume Falsification Statistics  
Percent of resumes that are misleading 78 %
Resumes that state fraudulent degrees 21 %
Show altered employment dates 29 %
Have inflated salary claims 40 %
Have inaccurate job descriptions 33 %
Give falsified references 27 %
The following is an online survey conducted by AOL Jobs from a survey size of 18,000
Have you ever lied on a resume? Percent
Yes, several times 9.5 %
Yes, once 4.1 %
No, but I’d consider it 12.9 %
No, never 73.5 %
Statistic & Data References
Sources: Accu-Screen, Inc., ADP, The Society of Human Resource Managers
Date research was conducted: October 1st, 2015