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Rachel Weisz Movie Statistics

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Rachel Weisz is an English fashion model and actor. Her first major role came in the 1996 film Chain Reaction, which also starred Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman. She is currently married to actor Daniel Craig.
Rachel Weisz Career Statistics
Number of TV series acted in 7
Number of movies acted in 42
Net Worth $41.6 Million / £25.5 Million
Box Office Gross
The Bourne Legacy $113,203,870
360 $100,343
The Deep Blue Sea $1,126,525
Dream House $21,302,340
The Whistleblower $1,124,966
Agora $619,423
The Lovely Bones $44,114,232
The Brothers Bloom $3,531,756
My Blueberry Nights $867,275
Definitely, Maybe $32,241,649
Fred Clause $72,006,777
Eragon $75,030,163
The Fountain $10,144,010
The Constant Gardner $33,579,797
Constantine $75,976,178
Envy $13,562,325
Runaway Jury $49,443,628
The Shape of Things $735,992
Confidence $12,251,640
About a Boy $41,385,278
The Mummy Returns $202,019,785
Beautiful Creatures $55,835
Enemy at the Gates $51,401,758
Sunshine (1999) $5,096,267
I Want You $1,672
The Mummy $155,385,488
Swept from the Sea $397,020
Bent $496,059
Going All the Way $113,069
Chain Reaction $21,226,204
Stealing Beauty $4,722,310

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Rachel Weisz Movie Statistics

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