Public Transportation Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Research Date: 4.28.2013
Below represents the cities with the most and least public transportation users as a percentage of the cities population.
City Population Percent Using
Highest Usage    
New York, NY 8,143,197 54.6%
Washington D.C. 550,521 37.7%
San Francisco, CA 739,426 32.7%
Boston, MA 559,034 31.7%
Philadelphia, PA 1,463,281 25.9%
Lowest Usage    
Arlington, TX 362,805 0.4%
Wichita, KS 545,220 0.4%
Virginia Beach, VA 438,415 0.5%
Oklahoma City, OK 547,274 1.0%
Tulsa, OK 382,457 1.0%

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