Prostitution Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: US Health Department, Delancey Street Foundation, Christian Science Monitor
Research Date: June 7th, 2015

Questions: statistics on prostitution ? what is the average age of a prostitute ? how much does the average prostitute make a year ? how many prostitutes are there ? sex trafficking statistics ? what is the total number of prostitutes in the us ? what does the average prostitute earn annually ?

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Estimated number of prostitutes in the world40 Million
Average annual income of a U.S. prostitute$290,000
Number of countries that prostitution is completely legal and regulated22
Percent of men who have purchased a prostitute10%
Thailand has the largest sex industry$35 Billion
Number of American citizens arrested annually for soliciting sex80,000
Percent of arrests that are female prostitutes70%
Percent of arrests that are male prostitutes20%
Percent of arrests that are the customer10%
Cost to tax payers annually in court and jail fees$200 Million
Murder rate for an American prostitute204 per 100,000
Average age of a customer39.5
Percent of customers who paid for services they never receive40%
Percent of customers who were robbed by the prostitute20%
Average times each year a prostitute has unprotected sex300
Percent of prostitutes who were abused as children75%
Female Prostitution Statistics (U.S.) 
Average age a female becomes a prostitute14
Percent who reported assaults58%
Percent with STDs20%
Percent who want to quit but can’t due to lack of money92%
Average price per trick$49.45
Percent of Prostitutes who found customer attractive27.22 %
Percent of clients under 2525.24 %
Percent of clients 25 to 4031.49 %
Percent of clients 41 to 6018.20 %
Percent of clients over 6011.05 %
Percent of customers who paid in drugs6.04 %
Percent that were new customers52.57 %
Percent that were repeat customers47.43 %
Type of Trick PerformedPercent
Manual14.51 %
Oral45.81 %
Vaginal17.24 %
Anal9.40 %
Other4.03 %
Condom20.63 %
No Condom79.37 %
Ethnicity of Client 
Black56.07 %
White29.64 %
Hispanic14.29 %
Day of the Week 
Sunday9.52 %
Monday8.29 %
Tuesday12.13 %
Wednesday16.08 %
Thursday15.49 %
Friday21.73 %
Saturday16.76 %

The above data was collected from 169 prostitutes in the Chicago area. Study done by the University of Chicago

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