Prom Night Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: Seventeen Magazine, Center for Disease Control, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Research Date: 3.18.2014
Prom Night Cost Statistics
Average amount spend on a prom dress$195
Average cost of a prom ticket$75
Average cost of a prom limousine for 4 hours$450
Sex on Prom Night Statistics 
Percent of girls who have sex on prom night14 %
Percent of girls surveyed who lost their virginity on prom night5 %
Percent of guys surveyed who lost their virginity on prom night3 %
Survey sample size: 12,843 students
Drinking on Prom Night 
Percent of students who drank more than 4 drinks on prom night53 %
Number of students who died in an alcohol-related accident on their prom night in 2005376

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