Private School Statistics
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Source: National Center for Education Statistics, CAPE, Digest of Education Statistics
Research Date: March 3rd, 2015

Students in private schools consistently score well above the national average. Private school teachers are more likely than public school teachers to report being satisfied with teaching at their school. The numbers do make a great case for sending your kids to private school ...and then there's tution. So what the major statistics regarding private schools and their benefit to students?

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Private School Statistics
Total PK-12 private school enrollment5,488,000 (10 % of all US students)
Total number of private schools33,366 (25 % of all US schools)
Where families with incomes over $75,000 send their kids
Public85 %
Private12 %
Both3 %
Where do private school students go to school?In 1990In 2012
Conservative Christian10.9%14.0%
Seventh-day Adventist1.6%1.1%
Average Private School TuitionAll LevelsElementarySecondaryK-12 Schools
All Schools$8,549$6,733$10,549$10,045
Other Religious$7,117$6,576$10,493$7,073
Percentage of Students in Public and Private Schools At or Above Achievement Levels
Math: Grade 4 StudentsPrivatePublic
Basic89 %82 %
Proficient49 %40 %
Advanced9 %6 %
Math : Grade 8 StudentsPrivatePublic
Basic85 %72 %
Proficient48 %34 %
Advanced13 %8 %
Reading : Grade 4 StudentsPrivatePublic
Basic81 %66 %
Proficient48 %32 %
Advanced13 %7 %
Reading : Grade 8 StudentsPrivatePublic
Basic90 %75 %
Proficient54 %32 %
Advanced8 %3 %
Percent of teachers who see following issue as serious problem in their schoolPublicPrivate
Student disrespect for teachers17 %4 %
Use of alcohol7 %3 %
Drug abuse6 %2 %
Student tardiness10 %3 %
Student absenteeism14 %3 %
Students unprepared to learn30 %5 %
Lack of parent involvement24 %3 %
Student apathy21 %4 %
Percentage of students, age 12-18, who reported…PublicPrivate
Having experienced violent victimization at, or on the way to/from, school4.3 %2.6 %
Being threatened with harm at, or on the way to/from, school5.1 %0.9 %
Fearing being attacked or harmed at, or on the way to/from, school6.5 %3.8 %
Being targets of hate-related words at, or on the way to/from, school11.5 %6.9 %
That street gangs were present at, or on the way to/from, school25.4 %4.2 %
That they avoided certain places in school for fear of their own safety4.8 %1.4 %
Average SAT Test ScoresWritingReadingMath

statistics on private schools ? private vs public schools ? what is the average cost price of a private school tuition costs and fees ? what is the average SAT ACT score of a student child who attends a private school in california texas florida cost of private school test scores on average higher than public school kids students who don't achieve more in life successful and percent of private school students that go to attend college after graduation better paying jobs report card test score averages ? how many kids what percent of the population attends a private school ?

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