prescription drug abuse statistics

Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics

Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics Data
Percent of Americans over the age of 12 that have admitted to abusing prescription drugs 20 %
Percent of new prescription drug abusers that are over the age of 18 56 %
Percent of elderly who are prescribed drugs that lend themselves to abuse 33 %
Percent of stimulant prescription drug abusers who experience depression 23 %
Percent of the world’s Oxycodone that is consumed by the U.S. 71 %
Percent of the world’s hydrocodone used by U.S. citizens 99 %
Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics  
Percent of high school seniors who have abused amphetamines 17 %
Number of teenagers that will become new prescription drug abusers this year 3 million
Number of teens who reported abusing prescription drugs in 2006 2 million
Percent of high school seniors who admitted to abusing Vicodin 9.3%
Percent of high school seniors who admitted to abusing OxyContin 5%
Drug Percent
The following is the prevalence of past-year drug use among 12th graders.
Vicodin 8 %
Cough Medicine 6.6 %
Adderal 6.5 %
Tranquilizers 5.6 %
OxyContin 5.1 %
Sedatives 4.8 %
Ritalin 2.7 %
Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics Data
The following is the number of Americans who reported past-month use of presription drugs for nonmedical purposes
Stimulants 1,100,000
Sedatives and Tranquilizers 2,600,000
Pain Relievers 5,100,000
Statistic & Data References
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Date research was conducted: February 1st, 2016