Players / Coaches with the Most Super Bowl Rings
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Source: National Football League
Research Date: 2.3.2014
Here is the list of NFL players and staff that have five or more Super Bowl rings. Each ring costs the NFL roughly $5,000 depending on the current cost of gold and diamonds. Super Bowl rings have sold for more than $250,000 at auction.
NFL Players / Staff with the Most Super Rings
Name Team Role Total Rings
Neal Dahlen San Francisco (5) / Denver (2) Staff 7
Dan Rooney Pittsburgh Staff 6
Art Rooney Jr Pittsburgh Staff 6
Chuck Noll Pittsburgh Staff 6
Bill Nunn Pittsburgh Staff 6
"Mean Joe" Greene Pittsburgh Player (4) / Staff (2) 6
Mike Woicik Dallas (3) / New England (3) Staff 6
Keith Simon San Francisco Staff 5
Dick Hoak Pittsburgh Staff 5
Charles Haley San Francisco (2) / Dallas (3) Player 5
*Charles Haley has the most rings won as a player (all 5)
Bill Belichick Giants (2) / New England (3) Staff 5
Romeo Crennel Giants (2) / New England (3) Staff 5
George Seifert San Francisco Staff 5
Bill McPherson San Francisco Staff 5
Pepper Johnson Giants (2) / New England (3) Player (2) / Staff (3) 5
Monsignor Peter Armstrong San Francisco Chaplain 5
Markus Paul New England (3) / Giants (2) Staff 5

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