Players / Coaches with the Most Super Bowl Rings
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Source: National Football League
Research Date: February 1st, 2015

Probably the biggest status symbol is sports if not life. Number of Super Bowl rings is how we rank the great ones. Here is the list of NFL players and staff that have five or more Super Bowl rings. Each ring costs the NFL roughly $5,000 depending on the current cost of gold and diamonds. Super Bowl rings have sold for more than $250,000 at auction.

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NFL Players / Staff with the Most Super Rings
NameTeamRoleTotal Rings
Neal DahlenSan Francisco (5) / Denver (2)Staff7
Bill BelichickGiants (2) / New England (4)Staff6
Dan RooneyPittsburghStaff6
Art Rooney JrPittsburghStaff6
Chuck NollPittsburghStaff6
Bill NunnPittsburghStaff6
"Mean Joe" GreenePittsburghPlayer (4) / Staff (2)6
Mike WoicikDallas (3) / New England (3)Staff6
Keith SimonSan FranciscoStaff5
Dick HoakPittsburghStaff5
Charles HaleySan Francisco (2) / Dallas (3)Player5
*Charles Haley has the most rings won as a player (all 5)
Romeo CrennelGiants (2) / New England (3)Staff5
George SeifertSan FranciscoStaff5
Bill McPhersonSan FranciscoStaff5
Pepper JohnsonGiants (2) / New England (3)Player (2) / Staff (3)5
Monsignor Peter ArmstrongSan FranciscoChaplain5
Markus PaulNew England (3) / Giants (2)Staff5

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