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Phish Band Statistics

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Phish is an American rock band noted for their musical improvisation, extended jams, blending of musical genres, and a dedicated fan base. Formed at the University of Vermont in 1983 (with the current line up solidifying in 1985), the band’s four members—Trey Anastasio (guitars, lead vocals), Mike Gordon (bass, vocals), Jon Fishman (drums, percussion, vocals), and Page McConnell (keyboards, vocals)—performed together for over 20 years before breaking up in August 2004. They reunited March 2009 for Phish in Hampton, a series of three consecutive concerts played in the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia, and have since resumed performing regularly.
Phish Statistics
Total amount Phish made at their first gig in 1983 $250
Total Phish concert grosses $108.1 million
Total number of fans at Big Cypress New Years Millennium Phish Concert 80,000 fans
Total number of fans at smallest show (Oct. 30, 1983) 13
Total duration of Big Cypress Concert set played nonstop 572 minutes (9 hours and 32 minutes)
Total length of longest single-song Jam (Runaway Jim, Nov. 29th, 1997) 59 minutes
Total average amount of Phish Food Ice Cream so worldwide annually 3.5 million gallons
Total number of no. 1 hit singles by Phish 0
Total number of states Phish hasn’t played in 7
Total rank Rolling Stone gave to "You Enjoy Myself" as top 100 greatest guitar songs #85
Total number of Phish albums sold 3 million
Total number of Phish shows played 1,503
Total number of songs played at show where least amount of songs were played 17
Phish Fall Tour 2011 Statistics
Total number of shows played 15
Total number of songs played 182
Total percentage of 182 songs that cover total amount of Phish songs 22%
Total amount of songs that were played once 95
Total average of songs per show 23.3
Total average amount of times each song was played 1.92
Total number of 2 set shows 13
Total number of 3 set shows 1

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Phish Band Statistics

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