Percent of Children Read and Sung To
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Source: U.S. Department of Education
Research Date: June 16th, 2015

Questions: What percent of parents read to their children on a daily regular basis ? what percent of children babies kids are read or sung to on a daily basis in the us america by demographic ? what are the benefits of reading and singing to your children on a normal basis ? studies on children who are read and sang sung songs to as children infants babies girls boys prebirth newbornes

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Percentage of children read to, told stories, and sung to daily in a typical week
AgeRead Stories ToTold Stories ToSung To
9 mo2 yr4 yr9 mo2 yr4 yr9 mo2 yr4 yr
Total32.5 %45.3 %38.6 %27.2 %28.0 %22.8 %73.5 %67.6 %49.7 %
Male Child32.043.237.527.426.821.672.664.644.5
Female Child33.147.539.727.029.424.174.570.855.2
Race / Ethnicity
Pacific Islander19.627.835.838.939.730.481.384.753.8
American Indian/Alaska Native18.529.825.322.922.717.563.755.545.2
Mixed Races35.347.239.529.529.420.681.570.256.2
Poverty Status
In poverty22.327.921.324.322.620.667.363.347.4
At or above poverty35.850.744.328.229.823.675.668.950.5

It has been proven that reading and singing to your children helps them master language development, increases a child's attention span, and develops a child's ability to express themselves more confidently, easily, and clearly in spoken and written terms. The following represents the percent of children who are read or sung to on a daily basis.

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