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Paper Use Statistics

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Paper Use Statistics Data
Annual amount of paper used in the U.S. each year 9,125,000,000 tons
Total number of trees cut down each year for paper use 4,000,000,000
Percent of wood harvested that goes to paper production 42 %
Percent of the worlds paper used by the U.S. 30 %
Percent increase in paper use today than 40 years ago 400 %
Percent of landfill solid waste comprised of paper 16 %
Number of junk mail letters delivered each year in the U.S. 104,700,000,000
Tons of paper used for sending junk mail 6,500,000 tons
Office Paper Consumption Statistics Data
Average number of paper sheets used by an office worker annually 10,000
Number of times the average document is copied 10 times
Percent of office paper printed that ends up in the trash by the end of day 45 %
Amount spent annually by U.S. companies on printed forms $120,000,000
U.S. Paper and Paperboard Production Percent
Containerboard 31 %
Printing / Writing Paper 28 %
Boxboard 21 %
Newsprint 8 %
Tissue 7 %
Packaging Paper 5 %
Annual Paper Use Per Capita Pounds Per Person
North America 504.84
Western Europe 393.98
Latin America 94.84
Asia 90.34
Africa 16.56
World Average 120.62
Top Paper & Paperboard Producing Countries Metric Tons Annually
United States 85,495,000
Japan 31,828,000
China 30,900,000
Canada 20,689,000
Germany 18,182,000
Finland 13,509,000
Sweden 10,786,000
France 9,991,000
Statistic Sources & References
Sources: Environmental Paper Network, World Resource Institute, Forest Ethics, WorldWatch Institute
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: October 29, 2016

Paper Use Statistics

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