Colleges with the biggest endowment funds.

The bigger the fund the more you can expect to pay for tuition.

Who Lies?


Renewable Energy

renewable energy use statistics power

Self Employed

self employed worker statistics

Job Security

About how easy would it be for you to find a job with another employer with approximately the same income and fringe benefits you now have?
Very Easy
Somewhat Easy
Not Easy

Private Schools

IQ by college major test statistics
organic foods industry statistics

Organic Food Sales Statistics

The numbers are in and based on sales we all basically believe that eating organic is better for our health.

missing person statistics

How Many People Go Missing Each Year

Some people are abducted and others are labeled as "Runaways", either way the FBI has a massive list of people who's family is desperately searching for them.


Federal Employee Salaries

You make less than all these Federal employees, that is, unless you make over $174,000 a year. If you do, don't bother checking out this list of government salaries.


Percent of Americans with a Disability

Between 1996 and 2015, the number of working-age adults receiving federal disability payments increased dramatically. With 16% of the population disabled, it's a good thing we keep fighting for disabled employment rights.