organic foods industry statistics

Organic Food Statistics

Organic Food Statistics Data
Organic foods annual U.S. revenue $39,000,000,000
Total Food and Beverage Represented by Organic Food 4.25 %
Total Percentage of Organic Food sold by Mass Market Retailers 54 %
Total size of Organic Cropland in the U.S. 3.98 hectares
Total annual global organic sales $68,900,000,000
Total amount of California organic cropland 460,000 acres
Percentage of total U.S. organic cropland .6%
Total Percent of Organic Dairy Cows 2.9 %
Total amount of U.S. Certified-Organic Farms in 50 states 14,540
Total amount of surface area covered by Certified-Organic Farms 4.1 million acres
Percent of Organic Food sales that take place 100 miles or less from an Organic Farm 44 %
Percent of Organic Food sold directly through Organic Farm Stands 7 %
Total Percent of Organic Layer Hens 1.6 %
Statistic & Data References
Sources: The World of Organic Agriculture 2011, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service
Date research was conducted: May 15th, 2016