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Online / Mobile Banking Statistics

Online / Mobile Banking Statistics Data
Percent of those who managed household finances who banked online at least once in the past 12 months 81 %
Percent of people who used mobile phone banking within the past 12 months 19 %
Number of Americans who bank online 69 Million
Online banking customer satisfaction 78 %
Percent of consumers who receive electronic checking account statements 42 %
Percent of consumers who paid a bill online through their bank in the past month 56 %
Statistics on Mobile Banking Users Percent
Using your mobile phone, have you done any of the following in the past 12 months?
Checked an account balance or recent transaction 90 %
Downloaded your bank’s mobile banking application 48 %
Transferred money between two accounts 42 %
Received a text message alert from your bank 33 %
Made a bill payment using your bank’s website or application 26 %
Located the closest in-network ATM for you bank 21 %
Deposited a check to your account using your phone’s camera 11 %
Statistics on Non Mobile Banking Users Percent
What are the main reasons you have decided not to use mobile banking?
My banking needs are being met without mobile banking 57 %
I’m concerned about the security of mobile banking 48 %
I don’t trust the technology to properly process my banking transactions 22 %
The cost of data access on my wireless plan is too high 18 %
It is too difficult to see on my mobile phone’s screen 17 %
It’s difficult and time consuming to set up mobile banking 10 %
Statistic & Data References
Sources: Pew Research Center, Federal Reserve
Date research was conducted: March 17th, 2015