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Online Employment Job Posting Website Statistics

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Job Searching Website Statistics Data
Number of people hired from online job postings annually 18,560,000
Average number of job positions posted online per month 4,000,000
Percent of jobs filled from job boards or corporate career sites 35.5 %
Number of U.S. based resumes currently stored in online job posting websites 120,000,000
Average cost of posting a job online for 30 days $268.25
Average response rate for most major job posting websites 4 %
Percent of available jobs that are never posted online 68 %
Average number of people who apply to a single online job posting 245
Average percent of online applicants to a single position who get an interview 7 %
Percent of job seekers who use mobile apps to search for jobs 77 %
Percent of companies that send emails to passed candidates when a position has been filled 18 %
Percent of employers who use a credit report history as a means of judging personal responsibility 35 %
Percent of job seekers who are successful sending their resume blindly to every job that pops up 1 %
Percent of job seekers who are successful sending their resume only to targeted companies 9 %
Using the Internet for Candidate Research Data
Percent of recruiting firms that do a Google search on candidates 90 %
Percent of hiring managers that immediately screened out candidates based on what they found on their social networking profiles 35 %
Percent of hiring managers who said they were encouraged to hire a candidate due to their online presence 18 %
Percent of employers who conduct an online search of applicants 79%
Percent of hiring managers who use social networking sites like LinkedIn to look for potential candidates 85 %
Percent of people who have never conducted a search on their own name to see what is visible to potential employers 31 %
Average Time Allocation when Job Hunting Percent of Time Spent
Searching for positions online 29.94 %
Applying to positions 27.28 %
Networking 24.11 %
Researching Companies 12.89 %
Working with a recruiter 5.56 %
LinkedIn Statistics Data
Percent of employers who reported having hired someone from LinkedIn 89 %
Percent of recruiters who are active on LinkedIn 94 %
Percent of job seekers who are active on LinkedIn 36 %
Top Rated Job Search Sites by Users User Satisfaction
Online survey taken from 3,244 job seekers (Rated on ease of use, number and quality of jobs, response rate)
Indeed 84 %
LinkedIn 81 %
Glassdoor 78 %
Monster 74 %
CareerBuilder 71 %
SimplyHired 69 %
TheLadders 66 %
Craigslist 62 %

Statistic Sources & References
Sources: LinkedIn, Wall Street Journal, Statistic Brain Research Institute, U.S. Department of Labor, Monster, Indeed, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: October 6, 2015

Online Employment Job Posting Website Statistics


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