north korea country statistics

North Korea Country Statistics

North Korea Country Statistics Data
Population of North Korea 24,451,285
Average male life expectancy of North Korea 64 years
Average female life expectancy of North Korea 68 years
Literacy rate 99 %
Size of North Korea in square miles 46,528 sq. mi
Population density – Persons per square mile 513.8
North Korea Military Data
Active Duty Military 1,190,000
Reservist Military 5.7 Million
Capital Punishment Executions per year 54
Nuclear Warheads 2
North Korea Health Statistics Data
Percent of the population that is undernourished 32%
Infant morality rate 2%
Percent of population that receives food aid 34%
North Korea Economic Statistics Data
GDP $15,400,000,000
GNI Per Capita $1,523
Labor Work Force Size 10,692,240
Export Revenue $700 Million
Import Spending $1.7 Billion
Percent of GNP comprised of agriculture 25%
North Korea Religion Statistics Data
Irreligious adherents fo the Juche idea 64.3 %
Korean Shamanism 16 %
Chondoism 13.5 %
Buddhist 4.5 %
Christian 1.7 %
North Korea Refugee Statistics Data
North Korean refugees hiding in China 300,000
Percent of refugees that are women 80%
Percent of refugee women that are sexually trafficked 75%
North Korea Infrastructure Statistics Data
Percent of energy from Coal 70 %
Percent of energy from Hydroelectric power 17 %
Statistic & Data References
Sources: Korean Central News Agency, United Nations, U.S. Department of State,
Date research was conducted: October 22nd, 2015