North Korea Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: United Nations, US Department of State
Date Verified: 7.28.2013
Population of North Korea24.45 Million
Average male life expectancy of North Korea64 years
Average female life expectancy of North Korea68 years
Literacy rate99%
Size of North Korea in square miles120,000 sq miles
Active Duty Military1.19 Million
Reservist Military5.7 Million
Capital Punishment Executions in 201060
Nuclear Warheads2
Percent of the population that is undernourished32%
Infant morality rate2%
Percent of population that receives food aid34%
North Korea Refugee Statistics 
North Korean refugees hiding in China300,000
Percent of refugees that are women80%
Percent of refugee women that are sexually trafficked75%
GDP Per Capita$1,716
Labor Work Force Size10,692,240
Export Revenue$700 Million
Import Spending$1.7 Billion
Percent of GNP comprised of agriculture25%


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