NFL Record Holders

National Football League (NFL) Record Holders (*Still Active) Stat
All-Time Touchdown Leaders  
Jerry Rice 208
Emmitt Smith 175
Ladainian Tomlinson 162
All-Time Rushing Leaders  
Emmitt Smith 18,355
Walter Payton 16,726
Barry Sanders 15,269
All-Time Reception Leaders  
Jerry Rice 1,549
Tony Gonzales 1,325
Marvin Harrison 1,102
All-Time Passing Yards  
Brett Favre 71,838
Peyton Manning * 66,494
Dan Marino 61,361
All-Time Passing Touchdowns  
Brett Favre 508
Peyton Manning * 506
Dan Marino 420
All-Time Sacks  
Bruce Smith 200
Reggie White 198
Kevin Greene 160
All-Time Interceptions  
Paul Krause 81
Emlen Tunnell 79
Rod Woodson 71

who is the all time touchdown leader ? who holds the record for most passing touchdowns ? what is the record for most interceptions ? NFL reception record holders ? who holds the rushing nfl record ? total number of yards passing by the nfl record holder sacks total by interceptions recorded in a season by a player who holds the most record ?

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Source: National Football League
Research Date: October 16th, 2014

The following list contains the top three record holders for Touchdowns, Rushing, Receptions, Sacks and Interceptions.