netflix company statistics

Netflix Company Statistics

Netflix Statistics Data
Total number of Netflix subscribers 81,500,000
Total annual Netflix revenue $5,504,000,000
Number of hours spent by Netflix members watching streamed video on hi-speed internet 2 billion hours
Total number of Netflix viewers who watch live stream via video game console 50%
Percentage of all U.S. internet traffic during peak hours that use Netflix 30%
Percentage that Netflix Snail-Mail will make up of all disc-rental spending 35%
Total percent of Netflix members who watch both Television shows and Movies 36%
Total percentage of Netflix subscribers who use service via cell phone 6%
Total number of Netflix distribution centers 58
Total percentage of Netflix subscribers who use their computers to stream and watch 42%
Total percentage of Netflix subscribers who watch by connecting their computer to their T. V. 14%
Statistic & Data References
Sources: Statistic Brain Research Institute, Above the Crowd, Netflix, Chron
Date research was conducted: April 3rd, 2016