National Rifle Association (NRA) Statistics

National Rifle Association (NRA) Statistics
Total number of members of the NRA 4.3 million
Annual NRA revenue $205 million
Amount spent by the NRA during the 2008 presidential election $10 million
Amount the NRA’s CEO Wayne LaPierre earns annually $895,897
Amount spent on the new NRA headquarters built in 1990 $15 million
Amount of annual contributions spent of fundraising 46 %
Total number of Firearms owned by U.S. civilians (2010) 300 million
Total number of U.S. Firearms owned by civilians that are Handguns 100 million
Gun Ownership Demographics  
A 2005 nationwide Gallup poll of 1,012 adults found the following levels of firearm ownership
Total Percentage of Households owning a Firearm 42%
Total Percentage of Individuals owning a Firearm 30%
Total Percentage of Males owning a Firearm 47%
Total Percentage of Females owning a Firearm 13%
Total Percentage of Whites owning a Firearm 33%
Total Percentage of Non-whites 18%
Total Percentage of Republicans owning a Firearm 41%
Total Percentage of Independents owning a Firearm 27%
Total Percentage of Democrats owning a Firearm 23%
In the same poll, gun owners stated they own firearms for the following reasons
Total Percentage who own Firearms for Protection Against Crime 67%
Total Percent who own Firearms for Target Shooting 66%
Total Percent who own Firearms for Hunting 41%
The following are estimates of private firearm ownership in the U.S. as of 2010
  Households With A Gun Adults Owning a Gun Adults Owning a Handgun
Percentage 40-45% 30-34% 17-19%
Number 47-53 million 70-80 million 40-45 million
Statistic & Data References
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Date research was conducted: October 2nd, 2014